10 reasons to go nuts for nuts

10 reasons to go nuts for nuts


1. Plant Protein Power

Vegetarians and vegans can embrace the protein power of nuts – one of the best sources of plant protein around. Peanuts are 26% protein, almonds are 21% and cashews are 18% protein.

2. Stay Fuller for Longer

Nuts are great for satisfying hunger and reducing your appetite due to the protein, fibre and good fats, making them the perfect antidote to a mid-morning or 3pm slump to take you through to your next meal.

3. Great for Your Weight

Nut eaters are more likely to weigh less. Despite nuts being high in fat, the fibre in nuts stops the body from absorbing about 20% of the fat in nuts, so eating a handful of nuts (30g) daily doesn’t increase weight. Eating nuts boosts metabolic rates by 5-10% so you burn more energy too.

4. Wheat and Gluten-free

Free from gluten, nuts are a great option for those with Coeliac disease or needing to restrict gluten or wheat intake. Some nuts like almonds can also be ground into a meal which is handy for gluten-free baking.

5. Low Carb and Low GI

Most nuts are naturally low in carbohydrate and contain very little sugar – great for any carb or sugar reducing diets. They also can help keep blood sugars stable, so having nuts with meals can be good for people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes.

6. Anti-Aging

Nuts might just be the key to staying young. With antioxidants, phytochemicals and anti-inflammatory properties, nuts could help protect against ageing and age-related diseases.

7. Hearty By The Handful

Not only are nuts a hearty snack, a handful of nuts (30g) each day reduces your risk of heart disease.

8. Good for the Gut

Nuts are thought to be prebiotic which supports the gut microbiome. Most nuts can also be enjoyed by those who are prescribed a low FODMAP diet for certain gut conditions.

9. Recommended Worldwide

The World Health Organisation, Ministry of Health, NZ Heart Foundation and NZ Nutrition Foundation all recommend nuts as part of a healthy diet.

10. Nuts Are All Good!

Choosing a variety of nuts takes advantage of the specific nutritional benefits of each individual nut, which is why Mother Earth and Alison’s Pantry offer the choice of a complete range of fresh and delicious nuts and nut mixes.

Perhaps the best reason of all to go nuts for National Nut Day on October 22? Did we mention they also taste delicious!




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